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Anonymous asked: help help! i'm applying to tasp and i am currently writing my essays, but i feel like they're horrible and they make no sense. i was really excited about it a couple weeks ago, but right now i just think it's stupid and pointless to apply because i'm never going to get accepted. :(

its ok! my essays were actually horrible and made no sense. yours are probably great!!! you shouldnt lose hope if you were excited about it; you should revise your essays a little bit and then send them in! whatever happens happens—dont give up because you feel dispirited!

Anonymous asked: Were you awkward in high school or did you go through one of those transformation things or what were you like in high school

i tried on a lot of new personalities

Anonymous asked: hi! i just started applying to tasp and i'm kinda worried i started too late! i know i still have a good month or so, but it seems like people have started weeks ago - will i be okay or should i just cry/give up now? thank you!

you will be fine!!! just put work into it now!! I knew some people at tasp who like didnt start until very late and still got in! It’s all about sincerity and honesty

Anonymous asked: i can't decide if i should apply to columbia?? it seems like a really overwhelming/competitive environment and idk help me with my future

unless there are financial restrictions (which is totally understandable) my attitude is always why not apply! it can be competitive/overwhelming and i certainly felt that way some of the semester but as a whole i had a pretty good time and i also met some very amazing people! a good way to decide is if you have sort of an idea of what you want to do/study you can always take a look at the faculty in that department and make the call based on people youd be interested in taking classes with/learning with!

Anonymous asked: hi! sorry i know you go to columbia, and i know you're in college already so this might be annoying, but I just got deferred from Yale. I was just wondering if you had any advice for deferred people like me (not sure if you applied early but you seem like a pro at this !). Thanks!

hi! i was also deferred from yale and later rejected! HOWEVER some of my good friends were accepted after deferral and one of them sent in an updated letter listing her accomplishments following the deferral (shed gotten a new internship, shed started a small nonprofit in her hometown, and they won a soccer championship or something?) and it worked in her favor! if you have stuff to send in of that sort it might help tip the scales! also letters just to re-emphasize interest apparently can help! hang in there and trust that youll go somewhere you love!

egonumquamredi asked: That sounds amazing! And congrats on meeting someone, hope you're doing well! Are there any tips that you can offer (without giving too much away, I guess)?

sincerity and cleverness!! and also dont procrastinate! rly critically DONT pretend to be into stuff youre not into because if you get an interview youre screwed!!!! and also just have a good time with the app!!!

egonumquamredi asked: Hi, I'm the person who asks TASP-y things! (is there a way to make that an adjective that doesn't sound awkward?) Which one did you attend? (I'll forgo the usual "did you like it" question because I assume you did, but feel free to just rant about it because it's fun to read)

i did the same one as alex, the other guy you messaged—modernism thru art and theater!

it was awesome and i learned a lot and they got my ass into gear wrt writing and also i learned a lot of important skills (cough cough speed reading and the art of skimming) and also i made a lot of friends and also i met my current (and probably permanent) life partner there

Anonymous asked: hi! sorry bout asking you ANOTHER college question! well, columbia has always been my top choice, but i've heard a lot of rumors that it is really difficult to get a social life there, that most of the students are detached/unfriendly so it's hard to make friends. and since it's in new york, there is no real campus life/spirit. i was just wondering whether you found this to be true or not?

i would say that i found my group of friends fairly quickly! people seem pretty friendly here and though its true that there isnt a lot of “school spirit” in the broader sense of the word (that ive observed, but i dont think my experience is definitely the norm) there are really tightly knit smaller communities! that said, not everyone finds their niche, which is true for a lot of schools probably!

Anonymous asked: what was your high school experience like?

it was ok

Anonymous asked: what did you write your common app / columbia essays on? also how did you like contain 'why columbia' to just one essay?

wow someone is really on it today with the questions!

i dont really feel comfortable disclosing a lot of my essay stuff for ethical but also personal reasons—i wrote my common app on rap music!

the why columbia essay was really challenging for me and i went through a lot of drafts before my thoughts and feelings sort of distilled and crystallized into something that i could express within the constraints of the word limit. even then it was a constant process of revision and cutting things and adding things and rewording things. i think the purpose of “why [school]?” essays isnt really for you to show people how much you know about the school or to word vomit whatever the brochure says, but to really isolate what about a schools core values and philosophy appeals to you¬†